Good ones, or they would not BE here!


We really like hulled Hemp Seeds and have eaten lots of them from this company, Manitoba Harvest. Not all hemp seeds are alike, you know!
The hemp seeds from Manitoba Harvest are all certified non-GMO seeds. They are also the largest hemp seed manufacturer - growing, processing, and selling their own hemp products from their facility in Manitoba.

For many years, we thought we didn't want anything to do with hemp, but we took the time to thoroughly educate ourselves about the plant, and its uses. Our opinion has taken a 180 degree turn from what it used to be, and we believe that the hemp plant should be a large part of the agricultural industry here in the United States, too.

If you have never eaten hemp seeds, you will be delighted at their soft, slightly nutty flavor! They combine well with salads, smoothies, main dishes, and soups. Their nutritional benefits are legendary, and we happen to think the hemp seeds from Manitoba Harvest are simply the best!

Take some time to educate yourself about them, and take a look at Manitoba's website and their products by clicking the banner above, or on their name.
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If you have never tasted Kobe beef, you don't know what you are missing! My husband thinks it is simply wonderful - but, you'll have to take his word for it, since I haven't eaten beef in about 30 years.

Kobe beef, also called Waygu beef, is nothing like the beef that you can get at your local grocery store or supermarket. In the first place, I'll bet you did not know that only about 3% of all of the beef produced in the United States is considered "Prime", and Kobe/Waygu beef is far above the "Prime" standard.

Snake River Farms has been around since 1968, and adheres to strict standards of quality in all of their products.
Their meat is expensive, but you will love the flavor!
More to come!