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We have ordered from this excellent company, who is dedicated to providing healthy, farm raised exotic meats to the public since 1997. All of their meat is hormone-free, antibiotic-free, medication-free, and preservative-free. The first time I ordered from them, my husband was delighted, and said that the meat was excellent! They started out carrying ostrich, but have expanded to alligator, antelope, grass-fed beef, three varieties of duck, buffalo, elk, emu, rabbit, rattlesnake, partridge, pheasant, kobe beef, yak, wild boar - well, the list is a long one, and this is by no means complete.

I have to tell you - my husband was an avid duck hunter, before we moved to Florida. He LOVES wild duck, but when I ordered a Long Island duck for him, from Fossil Farms, he said it was the best duck he has ever eaten! That was high praise from him, and even though he thought everything was delicious, he said the Long Island duck was exceptionally good.

Click here, to see their extensive array of healthy, unusual meats! >>>
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At The Green Polka Dot Box, you will find natural and organic foods at UNnatural prices. Not only that, but they have gluten-free buckwheat pancake mix, pasture-raised pork, grass-fed beef, plant-based protein powders, organic yellow Thai curry, organic refried beans, lots of non-GMO canned goods, organic coconut milk, and personal care items.

Many of the things they carry are organic, dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, corn-free, wheat-free, yeast-free, BPA-free, and egg-free.

Don't forget to check out their "Close-out Closet", too, for more bargains. See what you think >>>  Green Polka Dot Box
Great gift ideas here for all of you gourmet chefs and chefs who are concerned about healthy ingredients!
At Taste Trunk, you can order "trunks" that are premade, or you can create your own. Some of their featured items, are the Thanksgiving Trunk, the Executive Chef Trunk, the BBQ Master, the Gourmet Trunk, and the Healthy Chef Trunk, and the Sweet Trunk, but you can also create your own trunk.

You can also sign up for their monthly programs, so you have a new trunk full of surprises coming your way every single month. Check them out here >>>
If you love plants, and ESPECIALLY if you live in a tropical climate, you will LOVE this company's plants. At the time of this writing, there are over 2,700 plants and almost 20,000 photos on their site.  I have ordered from them many times, and the plants are always alive, well-established, and grown in the Florida sun. Located in Punta Gorda, FL, their nursery is just a plant-lovers delight. All of our transactions and communications with them have been superlatively excellent! Please don't miss this one!

Click on their name or the photos to enter their extensive plant site.

Our favorite place of all, for fresh, incredibly scrumptious nuts, seeds, nut butters, dried fruit, and tasty treats!  We have placed over fifty orders from NUTS.COM, and every shipment has been simply a treat for the palate. Our family loves Nuts.com!
Since 1929
Pure, wholesome, naturally healthy skin care products since 1998, for vibrant health & youthful looking skin. They carry my all-time favorite - the best tasting RAW organic sesame seed oil ever!

Click on their name or the photos to enter their site.
Click on their name or the photos to enter their palate-pleasing site.
I HAD to include this one, because it is our own company, and
we really DO love Moringa! We think it is one of the healthiest
greens on the planet, and the World Health Organization agrees!

Click on our name, or either of the photos, to see why!
We placed a large order with this company one time, for one of the "chocoholics" in the family, and they were pleased with all of the chocolate - to say the least!

They have chocolate from companies all over the world, with different cacoa percentages, in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. On their site, you will find chocoate bars, truffles, chocolate disks, chocolate sticks, chocolate syrup - do I need to list all of the chocolate items they have?

If you LOVE chocolate, check them out by clicking on their name : World Wide Chocolate or, on their logo to the left.
Shop for Gift Baskets for all Occasions. Free Ground Shipping
How often do you want to send a gift to a family member, friend, or business associate, but you don't know exactly what to send? It has happened to me more times than I would like to remember...

The folks at Gift Baskets Plus can solve your dilemma! They offer a large variety of gift baskets designed to suit just about any occasion or personal taste, and you are not limited simply to food items, either!

Gift Baskets Plus has Sports gift baskets, Spa and Bath gift baskets, Movie gift baskets, Military gift baskets, and even Pet gift baskets. Check out their Get Well gift baskets, their Sympathy gift baskets, Birthday gift baskets, Baby gift baskets, Housewarming gift baskets - and more! 

The next time you are stumped for a gift, give the folks at Gift Baskets Plus a look - we think you will be very pleased, and your "gift problem" will be solved!
Click on the photo above, or their banner, or their
name, and prepare
to be impressed!

The photo above, is of their Ultimate Crowd Pleaser gift basket.
We think the best way for you to find out about Kania's Spices for Less, is to read what their customers say about their products, and their service - Kania's Spices for Less Testimonials.

In my household, we use a lot of spices, and at Kania's Spices for Less, there are over 400 different fresh spices to choose from!

Guaranteed, you will find spices there that you never knew even existed, and plenty of information on each spice's page, to let you how to use the spice, and some of its history. Most of them also reveal the country of origin, and all of them are extremely affordable. If you love spices, as we do, give them a try!

Click on their banner to the left, and be SURE to read their testimonial page, at the link above.
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