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JusbyJulie: A Healthy Obsession
Want to enjoy the great benefits of fresh juice, but find you simply do not have the time it takes to do it? Good news! Julie will make it for you!

She is a certified nutritionist, and started making fresh, natural juices daily for her own family, and is now in the business of making it for her customers.

Years ago, I went off to work every day, with a large bottle of fresh juice I made by 
myself. I no longer have the time, and I'll bet you don't either. Why not let Julie do it for you? She has the time, and the inclination, and your body will thank you!
Click Jus by Julie or on the banner or the photo to start your juice-healthy life, today!
Do you live in an area that is prone to severe thunderstorms,
flooding, tornadoes, or hurricanes? We do! It is impossible to control the weather, but we can make sure we are prepared for the unexpected.

It is too late, when the electricity is off, if you are snowed in,
or a hurricane or tornado hits, to take action. You need to be ready for a disaster, before it strikes. How many times did you wish you had been prepared?

Survival Frog is solely in the business of helping people prepare for emergencies, in advance, and does a great job of it, too.

We think their Guardian Deluxe Food Storage Survival Kit is a great choice, as it comes with just about all you would need to temporarily handle any weather emergency.
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Visit shopOrganic.com
This is a great company, who offers non-GMO, organic groceries and gourmet foods online, and first time customers get 10% off their entire order.

Lots of the items they carry are by companies that you already know, and trust. You can purchase one item at a time, or buy in bulk.

What they offer is not limited to food items - they also have environmentally-friendly cleaning products, pet food for your dog or cat, personal care products, and gifts and kits.

Are you a vegan? Looking for kosher products? Eating the Paleo diet, or need to have gluten-free foods? No problem! The friendly folks at Shop Organic will have just waht you need.
Where we live, it is getting harder and harder to find non-GMO, organic food - without a long trip to a decent health food store, that is! Shopping online for foods that are actually healthy for you is really easy with Shop Organic! Click on the grocery cart above to explore their ever-changing site!
Beagle Bay Organics just happens to be owned by two people that I know. I first met Kelly, in our jewelry store, and was delighted to see that she and Keith make some marvelous lacto-fermented foods!

My husband loves their Kimchi, and is not happy if he cannot find it in one of the stores in our area. All of their products are raw, never pastuerized, organic, and vinegar-free and include, Garlic Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Raw Sauerkraut, Caraway Seed Sauerkraut, and several more great options.

Click on their name above, or on their logo to the left to visit their site!
Check out Generation Tea, if you want some really good oolong tea, like you get in a fine Chinese restaurant.

The last time my husband and I had Chinese food in the only excellent Chinese restaurant in our town, we both remarked on how delicious the tea was. As soon as he tasted it, he knew it was oolong tea - also called "wulong" tea.

Normally we do not drink much tea, but when we do, we like it mellow, rich, and free from any bitterness. Neither of us added anything to it - it was excellent just plain!

Generation Teas has a lot of different teas, any many of them are USDA certified organic, too.
Click on their photo, or their name at the top of the paragraph above, and enjoy your tea!
I am not a chocoholic, but I do love chocolate once in a long while. Chocolate fountains have always intigued me, and Sephra has several that are affordable for home use!

They also have a commercial chocolate fountains, and lots of great Belgian chocolate to go with all of them.

Sephra owns the patents to several things that have made their chocolate fountains more functional, more sanitary, and easier to clean than other types.

We know you probably will not have a chocolate fountain going every night in your home, but if you do, get one from Sephra!
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