Tribute to my husband's orchids


Orchids, orchids, everywhere, oh, what a sight to see!
They're covering our living space - quite exquisitely...
If you could see their loveliness, I know that you'd agree.
That you've never seen such orchids, that bloom so magically!

They decorate our counters, in lavender and pink,
My husband grows these orchids, as fast as I can blink.
They're lined up on the windowsills, they're sitting in the sink,
Watch out for the orchids, if you need to get a drink.

The orchids that we love so, cover every inch of space,
They're here and there, and everywhere, where we can find a place.
Each night he puts an orchid, on the table at my place.
They decorate our domicile, with elegance and grace.

I think that some are angels, I think that some are weird,
He even has a green one, that appears to grow a beard.
There's some that look like insects, which suddenly appeared,
Some masquerade as aliens - of which I am "afeared"!

Oh, the splendor of the orchids! No words cannot be applied,
Within the English language, I KNOW, for I have tried.
I'm at a loss, with orchids, they can NOT be described,
The fact that they're magnificent, just cannot be denied.

Once, as I stood observing, one opened to the sun,
I happened just to be there, when it's blooming had begun.
As it gently, oh so gently turned its face into the sun.
I watched in awesome wonder, 'til its opening was done.

He inherited his green thumb, when he was just a lad,
His father grew some orchids, so, he learned it from his dad.
I wish I had his talent - it's one I've never had.
If the plant is called an orchid - he'll grow it, and I'm glad!

So, the orchids cover everything, the floor, the porch, the wall.
And we enjoy their beauty - winter, summer, spring, and fall.
And my darlin' sure has talent but you might like to recall -
That my husband's just their caretaker - God's Hands made them all!
My husband grows these GORGEOUS orchids, and this is the only way you're going to see them! Shhhh! He doesn't know I've let you take a peek..."mum's" the word...
~ Orchids, Orchids, Everywhere! ~