The delicious way to satisy your sweet tooth!


Have you heard about Yacon Syrup? No? Well, you need to 
learn about this marvelous way to sweeten your tea, coffee, 
oatmeal, chia, quinoa, milkshakes, smoothies, or whatever 
you normally add sugar to. 

I found out about Yacon Syrup, when I was looking for yet 
another alternative to sweeten my herb tea, and satisfy that 
never-ending craving for something sweet. 

Most of the other sweeteners available, brought with them 
side effects that were simply difficult to live with. I'll explain...

For almost 20 years, I used stevia to sweeten my coffee. It 
was so easy to take with me, if I traveled, and easy to store, 
too. All that it took, to sweeten my coffee, which I drank all 
day long - and at night, too, for that matter - was a tiny bit. 

I loved it. THEN, I started to have terrible pain in my feet, 
on the bottom of my soles. It never dawned on me, that my 
foot pain could have anything to do with stevia. The toenails 
on both of my large toes were dark - almost black, with fungus, 
and I looked for years, for a solution to the fungus, and the pain. 


For years, I soaked my feet, changed to different types of shoes, 
put different toenail fungus treatments on toenails on my feet, 
and HURT! Nothing helped for very long, and when I could not 
dance - much less, stand up! - at the wedding of one of my 
daughters - I decided I HAD to do something about it. 

After years of research, and using Vicks Vapor Rub on my nails, 
and Listerine, and apple cider vinegar, and over-the-counter 
remedies, and soaking my feet constantly, I ran across an article 
online that mentioned foot pain and stevia use. I stopped using 
and experienced a dramatic loss in the foot pain within days. I also stopped putting Coffeemate in 
my coffee, as I KNOW that is simply not good for us, as laden with artificial ingredients as it is.

Then, I noticed my toenails were starting to show signs of recovery. I was ELATED! The symptoms 
lessened, but they were still there. So...I kept researching. I found that one person had sores 
on their feet that would NOT heal, so they stopped drinking coffee. Their foot pain was gone, and 
the sores started healing in about 5 days. Needless to say, I stopped drinking my beloved coffee. 

It wasn't long before I saw results. I also started soaking my feet in Epsom Salts and hot water, 
almost every night, and saw my feet start to look normal, again. I could walk without wincing, 
and the "pink" started to return to the flesh on my feet. 

Stopping the stevia was hard, as it was a daily habit for so many years. I needed a substitute, and 
I knew I was NOT going to use white sugar. I believe it acts in our systems like poison. Raw sugar 
is better, but too many calories, and only a small step away from the white sugar, anyway. I tried 
Sweet 'n Low, but that made me retain a lot of water. No thanks...

Splenda was next - headaches, bloat, strange sleeping patterns - nope - that was not the answer. 
Nutrasweet - aspertame - was OUT, as an option, as I know how awful THAT is! I used Lo Han Guo, but that simply does not mix easily with drinks. Blackstrap molasses was next, but that put me in 
bathroom all of the time. 

FINALLY, I stumbled across yacon Syrup, on Amazon. Having never heard of yacon "anything", I looked up what it was, and found that yacon is the common name for Smallanthus sonchifolius, which grows in South America. Some people call it "Peruvian ground apple", or "Strawberry 
jicama", among other monikers. The parts of the plant that is used to make delicious yacon syrup, 
are the large, brown tubers that are produced, underground. Many people peel and eat the tubers 
raw, as they are reported to be quite sweet and refreshing. For the syrup, the tubers are harvested, dried, cut into pieces, and boiled.

CLICK HERE to watch a funny video about my favorite company's YACON SYRUP!

The benefits of using yacon Syrup as a sweetener, are wonderful. First of all, it seems to rapidly 
reduce hunger, and mixes easily in drinks or food. If you get a premium product, as the yacon 
syrup from the company above, there is no bitter aftertaste. To us, it takes like a combination of 
caramel, light molasses, brown sugar, and chocolate. We have tried yacon syrup from several 
other companies, but were not pleased with the taste, or the side effects. The others created a 
lot of intestinal gas, and left us with a "bitey" aftertaste, and a sour feeling in our stomachs. They 
also were about the color of dark corn syrup, and we had to use a lot more of their syrup to get 
any sweet taste, at all. 

The yacon syrup from Quality Encapsulations was almost opaque, and it tasted simply "yummy". 
After we used it, we found that we did not experience "gassy" or bloat issues, and the taste it left behind was almost like dark brown sugar. 

Supposedly, regular use of yacon syrup - about 1 teaspoons 3 times a day before meals - brings about sustained weight loss. That part, we cannot elaborate on, as we use a LOT more than 3 teaspoons of it, daily, and we were not interested in it as much for weight reduction, as we were for a sweetener. 

We asked the company what made their syrup so different from the rest, and what they told us, is 
that they process their syrup so that it remains in a "raw" state, and the way it is done is more expensive than the traditional methods that are used. THAT explains why it tastes SO GOOD! 

No WONDER the yacon syrup from Quality Encapsulations has such high ratings on Amazon! You 
can taste the difference that "QUALITY" makes!

We do not sell yacon syrup ourselves, nor do we work for the company. We just want you to experience of yacon syrup for yourself. If you click on the bottle above, it will take you to their syrup on Amazon. Dont forget to see the whimsical video,  onYouTube!
Their syrup is raw, 100% pure, and delicious! It is reported to be a metabolism booster, and also good for those who want to get lots of probiotics in their bodies!