How to get the blinking LED light to stay lit after power outage



Recently, we had a power outage in the middle of the night. My husband's CPAP machine, that he has used for almost 20 years, went off, and exhibited every sign of not every running again. 
It appeared to be totally dead. 

I didn't even know we had experienced a power outage, but he did, as he woke up trying to breathe! He has used his CPAP machine since the late 1990's, and resigned himself to sleeping in his lounge chair for the remainder of the early morning hours. 

Because it appeared that it would no longer work, we decided we would have to get him a new one as soon as possible. 

Ever optimistic that something can be repaired, I asked him if I could open it up to troubleshoot the problem. I figured that I would find something shorted-out, or wires that appeared to be burned, or another issue along those lines. 

  • I checked the fuses - they were fine. 
  • I unplugged the machine, and plugged it back in again, to no avail. 
  • I tried plugging it in to a different outlet 
  • I looked for a "Reset" button - there wasn't one. 

Finally, I noticed that the green LED light on the back of the machine, was blinking. 

That reminded me of an issue we used to have with our HP computer tower. Everytime we had a power outage, even a brown-out or a flicker, the computer tower would not reboot. The green LED light on the back would blink, instead of remaining on, and glowing steadily. 

We did all of the normal "fixes" - open the computer tower, reset the motherboard and USB1, and so forth. Usually, that worked, but it was time-consuming. 

One day, I read a comment online, about an easy way to fix it. The comment was on a blog, here: HP m7088d Power Supply LED Blinks Green, and we there, we found an easy "fix". We used that fix on our HP computer tower over 20 times - successfully. 

I reminded my husband about it, and asked him if I could try it. He was concerned I would blow out the fuses, which were right next to the power supply, but finally consented to let me try it. 
After all, what did we have to lose? The CPAP machine was useless, as it was. 

Determined to see if the "fix" would work on the CPAP machine like it did on the computer tower, I took the machine into the bathroom, plugged it in, and got out my blow dryer that I use to dry my hair. 

I put it on "high", and directed to hot air to the power supply cord, which the machine was plugged in. It only took about 30 seconds, of heating up the end of the plug where it goes into the machine, for the LED light to stay lit. As soon as it did, the cold air started to pour out of the opening where the hose is connected. I was so excited! 

Unplugging it, I took it back to the bedroom, and plugged it into the electrical outlet that we always used, next to my husband's side of the bed. It did NOT turn on. So, I got my trusty hair dryer out again, turned it on high, and blasted the power supply cord with hot air. 

To my great delight, it turned on, pumped out air, and stayed on. We let it run for a few hours, until we were ready to go to bed, and it kept running for him all night long. 

If you have any electrical device with a green LED that is supposed to be steadily on, when the item is running, and you experience a power outage, BEFORE you rush to replace the machine, please try this easy "fix". 

Sometimes it only takes a few seconds of heating the power supply plug, before the LED will stop blinking and remain steadily lit, sometimes it takes a few minutes, but it works!

I am sharing this, in the hope that it will help someone else - especially if you need the machine to sleep peacefully and for those who simply cannot rush out to get another machine. 

The problem appears to be solved, and my husband has been able to use his sleep apnea machine with no difficulties. 

Thanks to for the blinking green light! 

P.S. DO check the fuses, as they may be the issue. With us, all it took to fix our CPAP machine was the hair dryer. It was such an easy fix, and my husband was delighted! 

If you tried this, and it helped you, please let us know on our COMMENTS page!